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Marking Gravel Car Parks



Product Markings

Product Markings
Archfarm Industrial Estate, Forddingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1NQ
Tel: 01425 652226 Fax:
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About Us:

Product Markings supplies materials for marking any surface of car park. We can supply contractors in your area who can give you quotes for applying our products. Product markings manufactures and retails markings of consistent quality. We are a fresh thinking company with patent protection on many exceptional road and car park marking products.

What We Offer:

Our prime product is Spacemarker, this is used to mark gravelled areas in car parks. The material is ready to install in the form of a white marking 25cm by 10cm. To mark the space dig a hole approximately 55cm by 45cm and 5 cm deep and place the Spacemarker approximately 2mm above the ground. Fill the hole back in tamping down the stone or earth on either side. Place the Spacemarkers at least 2.4 metres apart to ensure cars have room to open side doors. We have contractors who can install Spacemarkers for you but of course installing them yourself saves a great deal of money.

Contact name:

Mark Barry

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