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Electronic Cigarettes



C.O.G Marketing

C.O.G Marketing
Unit H9, Yorkshire (South) S2 3EN
Tel: 01142 555577 Fax:
Email: Web:

About Us:

A small family company in Sheffield experienced in importation and sales. New in the electronic cigarette market. We sell mainly to end users on line. But feel the need to expand this and offer a good service to re-sellers.

What We Offer:

Revolutionary, convenient, an healthy option, clean, stylish, cool. All adjectives to describe electronic cigarettes. But what are they? Basically a battery which looks like the main body of the cigarette. (The white part generally). This is factory pre-charged and can be disposable or rechargeable. A cartridge holder, this is the filter part on a conventional cigarette. The cartidge hold the various flavoured liquids which have various nicotine strengths including high strength through medium, low and zero strength. A heating element which heats the liquid when you inhale. A charming feature is that the end of the E. cigs glows as you inhale and gives the feeling and even the appearance of its tobacco filled cousin. Which who knows may one day be replaced by the E. cig.

Contact name:

Chris Smith

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