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Claims Management




1 - 5 Nelson Street, Essex SS1 1EG
Tel: 0800 75 66 661 Fax: 0800 75 66 238
Email: Web:

About Us: is a Ministry of Justice licensed claims management company which validates and, where necessary, challenges personal loans, credit card, store card and other debt issues. Our main objective is to get the debt eliminated by ensuring the credit agreements are declared unlawful and / or unenforceable. Or, in certain circumstances, where judgement is discretionary, negotiating with the creditors for a substantial reduction of the amount outstanding. Our initial audit and assessment is totally FREE and we only proceed with claims which a solicitor judges as having every chance of success. The Courts and the Financial Services Authority have fined many of the Banks and other financial institutions millions of pounds and ordered the cancellation of many debts.

What We Offer: is looking to expand nationally by appointing local area agents, who will be covered by our Ministry of Justice licence, to introduce claims management business to us. We believe publicans and landlords, well known and respected within their local communities would make ideal agents. There is no financial investment required and significant earnings opportunities exist. To find out more about these opportunities please visit or phone our Freephone number 0800 75 66 661 or Fax us on 0800 75 66 238, you may also email us at We look forward to hearing from you and wish you every success for 2009 and beyond.! Terry Clarkson Managing Director

Contact name:

Terry Clarkson

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